Happy December

Dec 11, 2018

Hey pretty!

I know I was MIA for basically all of 2018. And I am not going to even apologize for it. I needed the actual break from blogging and sharing my life. I honestly cannot believe we are already almost to 2019. I have big goals for this website for both blogging and photography, so I figured I should probably just start now instead of waiting until then to start. So while I have your cute face here and reading I figured I would give you a little bit of of a life update, in the form of a list because that is how it works around here. If you are new to me blogging: buckle up buttercup. I am not your average blogger, I forget to link stuff, I sometimes forget to hit post, AND when I post a recipe.. I always put it at the top! I know shocking! But let’s get to it.

  1. I went to Ecuador in April, and it genuinely changed my life. I mean I got to meet a sloth.(His name is Don Perez and really he is my bff for life) & I grew so flipping much as a human/photographer.
  2. I also have been to New York, St. Louis, Santa Claus Indiana, Ohio, Utah and Idaho. ( I mean and Kentucky, but does that count?)
  3. I have (almost) finished my 2nd year of my 3 1/2 year degree. Which is just straight up insanity. Who knew I would be one to go to college, let alone make it this far? School has kicked my butt this year. I made it through some crazy stupid classes.
  4. Okay, so me and my sister have been working on this crazy awesome thing that I can’t wait to share with y’all. Cale Clothing Co. is now officially a thing. Jessica is the designer & maker of all the shirts/sweaters. Basically she does the really hard part. I am the brains behind the scene with the photos and social media of it all. I am over the moon excited to kick everything off on Etsy. It is coming, Get ready.
  5. I have seen some killer concerts this year. I got to go to Violin’s of Hope at the Schermerhorn with one of my best friends Kathleen. My friend Gavin of Geddes the Sea had a couple of shows I got to go see that were incredible. I got to go see Imagine Dragons with my family. I went to see White Christmas at the TPAC with my sister. & I got to go and see Childish Gambino with my little brother, all in all I got to see some killer stuff this year.
  6. I got the best news ever! Veronica Mars is coming back. So at least that’s happening.
  7. I found a deep love for scrunchies.
  8. I learned about The Fitness Marshall and if you don’t know who that is..do yourself a favor and go look him up on Youtube.
  9. Guys, this is a shocking one. ME…ALEXANDRA CALE..I found out I like soccer. GASP. I know. I was pretty startled myself. But listen, going to soccer games is sooo much fun.
  10. I watched all of Marvels Agents of Shield. The Good Place. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Queer Eye. The West Wing. Dancing Queen. The Night Shift. Nashville.
  11. Learned that Toxic people are just that.. Toxic. And it really is okay to just say no to them. Even if it makes things uncomfortable. There is no reason to ever feel like you have to be around someone who is making you feel like poop.
  12. Me and my brother made a pact that will forever change our lives: I am never going to the drive in while being single EVER AGAIN. And here is why..IT STRAIGHT UP IS THE WORST. (read that like Jon Ralphio) everyone is all cuddling, you can’t hear the movie. AND it is so freaking humid it is just not worth it.
  13. I found some killer podcast that have genuinely changed my life. Better Than Happy. Awesome with Allison. Goal Digger.
  14. Nashville has the coolest thing in the summer: Dancing in the Park. I was born in the wrong era. They teach you different styles of dance and it is straight up magic.
  15. Slowly but surely I am learning everyday to accept and love my body just the way that it is. Self love in todays society is hard. There has been an internal struggle that is me loving myself while also working on me. It’s been an adventure to say the least.
  16. Listen I may not have gotten a boyfriend this year, BUT! The boy at the bowling alley gave me a free teddy bear when all I had was 4 tickets. So not all hope it lost.
  17. I discovered that I am now what one would call a full fledged insomniac. I get right now roughly about 4 hours a night. So that just blows. Thank goodness for the Calm app. Not sponsored but like…hit me up.
  18. Marco Polo. Enough said. I finally started getting help for my hand. Which has been the scariest/most frustrating things in my life this far. 4 doctors down and I am finally getting some answers. But Marco Polo has changed my life since texting hurts like a mofo.
  20. John Mayers New Light music video makes me happy every single time I watch it. Enough said.
  21. Self Care: I have always been a big fan of making sure you take care of yourself. Face masks and jade rollers are great. Also tip: If you don’t get ready and your nails are done it still kinda counts. AND you will feel better.
  22. Sister and I got Luna pup. She is probably the best things about this year. She is sassy and her ears are maybe my favorite things. I do call her on any given day…Dobby, Yoda, Bartock, Or Dumbo..you should see these ears guys, they are incredibly big for such a tiny dog.
  23. My phone has been super broken so it made me learn to actually interact with people instead of just hiding behind my phone. But don’t get me wrong, I still hide.
  24. Jessica and I have the coziest Apartment around Christmas time. ( I will be sharing pictures soon. I promise.)
  25. I really missed blogging. Thanks for reading this list. You are my hero.

And that is where I am at. ANNDD the end.







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