Friday Faves 2/1

Feb 1, 2019

What I am working on:

I am honestly just prepping for surgery so laundry, packing for Kentucky and getting everything sorted to be down for quite a bit.

What I am listening to:

I am really loving Julia Michaels new stuff. You can find it here

What I am wearing:

Sweaters on sweaters. It has been FREEZING this week in Nashville so I am just bundling up and praying for warmer weather.

What I am loving:

I have the hardest time sleeping/falling asleep. I am lucky if I get a night that is a 4 hour night. But this little thing has helped me at least fall asleep faster. It hasn’t changed the amount but I am getting to sleep faster so I will take it. I am planning to blog more about tips for sleeping. I just gotta get this hand fixed first.

What I am watching:

Season 3 of The Good Place. I cried at the end. I forking hate it. Whatever. I am over it.

How I am taking care of myself:

This week it isn’t a product. Just the fact that I am giving myself some patience to do things at the pace that my hand allows. Surgery is next Tuesday & I am stressed about it for sure. It will work out. I am hoping to post next week. But we will see what happens.


Until next week.






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