Friday Faves 2/8

Feb 8, 2019

What I am working on:

Absolutely Nothing. Hand Surgery is no joke.


What I am listening to:

Okay so I have this weird thing about surgery where I have to listen to this song on the way there. And then this song on the way home. Thank you Popsicle for letting me do this.


What I am wearing:

Joggers and Graphic Tees. Because everything else is too hard to put on. Even leggings. I know! My hand has betrayed me.


What I am loving:

Ice & Pain killers & my byta & my freaking awesome family who have been taking care of me.


What I am watching:

All the flippin’ Marvel Superhero movies I can watch. It is my goal to get through them all..minus Infinity Wars. Because no one has time to be that emotionally wrecked. Fantastic Four is still stupid. & Iron Man 2 is just not good. you can check my twitter for all I have done…here.


How I am taking care of myself:

Uh…I mean…I just got surgery.


Yepp, that is what I have got. Have a good week.


Xoxo Alexandra




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