Friday Faves 2/15

Feb 15, 2019

Hey lovies. Happy Galentines/Valentines week. Here is a note to say you are incredible no matter what.

What I am working on:

Getting all caught up on my life. No joke that surgery really did put me out for a real long time. But I am getting all caught up on everything right now.

What I am listening to:

All the Ben Platt. I mean really listen to this. Beautiful.

What I am wearing:

Exactly what I was wearing last week only now I have added my leggings back in. Real fashionable.

What I am loving:

Audible! I have been listening to Harry Potter again and I forgot how much I really enjoy listening to books. It really has made everything better because I was getting real bored recovering.

What I am watching:

Listen. I love this movie SOO much. Yes, it is cheesy (hahaha pizza, cheesy…I am funny) But I really do love it.

How I am taking care of myself:

Right now it is still just patience. Ice and knowing that I will be back to self care in the way I like eventually. I also have kept my room clean which feels a whole lot like taking care of myself.


What is something you are loving this week?






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