Friday Faves 2/22

Feb 22, 2019

What I am working on:

I am actually working on some really exciting blog posts and getting back to the swing of things with just one hand for now. I will get better with time but for now I am not really able to use it right now.


What I am listening too:

THIS SONG. On loop, over and over. I am genuinely obsessed.


What I am wearing:

Honestly, nothing new…but with one hand I am just wearing clothes that are easy.


What I am loving:

I am really loving sparkling water lately. I think my favorite are this one and this one.


What I am watching:

I have re-started watching this show because I needed something easy to watch. Also hot vampires. yeah okay.


How I am taking care of myself:

I have been using different hair masks. I love the one I got from my fab fit fun box. I don’t know the brand but I use it ALL THE TIME. I just like being able to do little things for myself while my hand is out of commission





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