Friday Faves 3/15

Mar 15, 2019

Hey kiddos. Sorry I missed last week. I was working a gig and it turns out shooting a musical is a lot of work and all the days tend to blend in together. But I am back!

What I am working on:

I am finishing culling through photos for the musical kids. So my eyes have been seeing lots and lots of pictures.

What I am listening to:

So much Little Mermaid still. I am slightly obsessed with this song.

What I am wearing:

I am really loving these. They are easily dressed up or down and that is kinda the best part.

What I am loving:

Because I have been looking through so many photos I have been loving my blue light filter glasses from here.

What I am watching:

A whole lot of nothing. haha I don’t know what is up with me but mostly just audiobooks and work for me this week.

How I am taking care of myself:

I joined the gym so I have been working out more regularly. (I AM SO SORE) & so that is my #1 way that I have been taking care of me.


& that is all

Love you lots.




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